ψCalc ψCalc

Scientific calculator for scientists and students

Need a calculator for experiments in Physics? ψCalc is a simple scientific calculator with a user-friendly interface designed specifically for iPhone and iPad devices. It supports undoable history of calculations, preset physical constants, greek-letter input, customizable functions and constants, etc.

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Conversations in natural expressions


Type expressions as you write on your notebooks. ψCalc will return an answer in a chat bubble style.

You can type numbers, Roman letters, Greek letters, and functions with virtual keyboards. You can define variables by substituting values to reuse them in later calculations.


Traceable history of calculations


You can browse all of expressions and answers saved automatically. Tap a "chat bubble" to enter those contents into the input field.

You can also undo and redo calculations as long as memory allows.


Constants and functions for you


Scientists and students would benefit from preset physical constants and popular functions. Add your favorite constants and functions and enjoy quick calculations with ψCalc!