Manage your daily records of expenses and incomes quickly & easily with Jenco! Jenco is a simple account book app that is designed to be

  • as simple as possible and
  • fully customizable to fit your lifestyle.

With Jenco, you can manage each entry of expenses and incomes in a few seconds. If you want to add the same entry repeatedly, Jenco will do it for you automatically. All the lists of their categories, subcategories, payments and vendors are fully customizable!

All the functions are provided for FREE. Upgrading to the Ad-free version is available for $1.99, without an effort to transfer the data. Just start trying it now!

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Browse Expenses Quickly


When you launch Jenco, it immediately shows a monthly list of expenses and incomes. All the entries are listed day by day, allowing you to grasp their history instantaneously.

You can manage multiple “accounts” (”Personal”, “Family” and “Business”, for example) which expenses and incomes belong to. These accounts can be displayed all together or separately.


Add Expenses/Incomes Instantly


With Jenco, you can add a new entry of expense/income in a few touches. Addition of a new entry is even easier if you register a particular setting as a default. If you prefer, Jenco can present the edit screen for a new entry instead of the monthly list of expenses when it launches, so that you can immediately start editing it.

For each entry, you can choose category, subcategory, date, payment, vendor as well as currency. Free notes can also be added.


Full Customization


You can choose an appropriate category, subcategory, payment and vendor from rich sets of choices ready for instant use. However, those choices can be fully customized to fit your lifestyle: You can freely add, delete, modify and rearrange choices.

Customize Jenco and make it more and more convenient for you!


Graphical Report


In the monthly report view, all the records of expenses and incomes are shown in a bar graph. You will immediately see the balance for each month as well as the total balance.

If you want more detailed analysis, you can use any spreadsheet program on your PC. Jenco can export the records in the CSV format via email or web browsers.